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Micro-current is low level electrical current  used to stimulate tired skin cells to perform  like younger, more vigorous cells.  This tones and firms the skin from the very first treatment and benefits continue beyond the session.

In addition to the immediate visible effects, scientists have also found that Micro-current  triggers the body’s production of amino acids (protein building blocks) and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).  ATP is the chemical by which energy is produced in the cell.   Both substances accelerate cell repair and promote healthier cell production.

Micro-current re-programs the muscle fiber, allowing the muscle to lengthen or shorten.  A lengthening effect relaxes those muscles that have become increasingly contracted from years of making facial expressions.  A shortening effect is necessary to retrain those muscles that have become elongated by the pull of gravity.

Lymphatic drainage is encouraged,  reducing the appearance of puffiness.

Because the level of current needed to achieve these results, the procedure is comfortable and relaxing with no down time.

Your micro-current session includes:

  • Deep cleansing
  • Exfoliation tailored to your skin type
  • Application of micro-current
  • Ancient arts face-lifting touch
  • Application and penetration of customized products to enhance and reinforce treatment results


The M’Lis® Body Contour Wrap is an all-natural holistic approach to body contouring that has been helping people lose cellulite and inches since 1979. Developed by a bio-chemist from the UCLA medical center, this wrap process was originally formulated to encourage circulatory and lymphatic flow in patients. When the body’s circulation and elimination systems become impaired, toxins and waste materials become trapped in the vulnerable fat cells of the connective tissue. The M’Lis® wrap uses gentle pressure to flush toxins and waste materials from the system through internal detoxification of the body. Stored toxins are permanently removed at the cellular level through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. This creates a permanent inch loss of 4 to 14 inches per wrap, while improving general health, nourishing the skin, and contouring the soft areas of the body.


Lose up to 1/2 dress or pant size each wrap
Provides cellulite reduction through detoxifying body cleaning
Not a water loss – skin and body stay hydrated
Inch loss is permanent with proper diet and exercise

Loose skin is tightened and firmed.

For Best Results:

A minimum of 3 wraps is recommended.

There should be at least 3 days between each wrap. If a client is on a weight loss program, a wrap is suggested for each 5 to 10 pounds lost.

This is not a weight loss, but a permanent inch loss. The inches will only return if the client goes back to old habits. Eating the right types of foods, proper exercise, and drinking 8 glasses of water per day are always recommended.

You are not a candidate for this body wrap if:

  • You are pregnant
  • You are nursing
  • You are sensitive to niacin (vitamin B3)